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Purpose 101

Reg. $199 - $999

Wouldn't it be nice if you could be paid to do what you love? This is possible when you know your reason for being.
Click the button below if you want to have a clear vision of your life and to live life with purpose!

Awareness 101

Reg. $199 - $999

Are you looking to improve your life situation but don’t know where to start or have seem to hit a wall? 
Becoming more self-aware will help you realize your strengths and areas of opportunities, and it will increase your capacity to grow.

The Resilience Advantage™

Reg. $1,199

This course focuses on sharing the science behind the physiological connection between the heart & brain, and techniques that empower people to take advantage of that connection to improve mental health, performance, well-being, and personal effectiveness.

I like that it's a choose-your-own adventure kind of experience. It makes the course personalized to me.

I really enjoyed the activities in the course. I learned a lot because I experienced it first hand.

Patrick D

Janet R.

Notepad on Desk

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Coaching 101
Financial Wellness 101
Steps to Happiness 101
Law of Attraction 101
Purpose 201
Awareness 201


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