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#MBE Learning courses:

  • Include one-on-one coaching*

  • Are easy to learn and effective

  • Focus on experiential learning

  • 100% online (go at your own pace) 

  • Are hosted on Teachable.com

*Some courses offered without coaching at a reduced rate

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#MBE Learning Academy

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90 Day Challenge

Starting at $49

Are you looking to make a change in your life? People who write down their goals and visualize success everyday have a 43% success rate of achieving their goal. The 90 Day Challenge covers goal-setting, visualization, overcoming limiting beliefs, and more! Enroll to achieve any goal in 90 days!

Purpose 101

Starting at $99

When you live into your purpose, you wake up happy and motivated to live the day.
For some, it can take a lifetime to realize their purpose - if at all. However, it doesn't need to take that long for you.
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Awareness 101

Starting at $99

Are you looking to improve your life situation but don’t know where to start or have seem to hit a wall? 
Becoming more self-aware will help you realize your strengths and areas of opportunities, and it will increase your capacity to grow.

The Resilience Advantage™

15% OFF!

This course focuses on sharing the science behind the physiological connection between the heart & brain, and techniques that empower people to take advantage of that connection to improve mental health, performance, well-being, and personal effectiveness.

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I like that it's a choose-your-own adventure kind of experience. It made the course personalized to me.

Patrick D.

I really enjoyed the activities in the course. I learned a lot because I experienced it first hand.

Janet R.

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Coaching 101
Financial Wellness 101
Steps to Happiness 101
Law of Attraction 101
Purpose 201
Awareness 201


Know Your Purpose!

Do you know what your purpose is? If not, you’re not alone. Knowing your purpose can take years of introspection, learning, and experience. However, we’ve created a course that helps you reflect, learn, and get experience with key skills that will help you know your purpose. Subscribe to the e-mail list and get it for FREE! ($99 Value)

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