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#MBE Learning courses:

  • Include one-on-one coaching*

  • Are easy to learn and effective

  • Focus on experiential learning

  • 100% online (go at your own pace) 

  • Are hosted on

*Some courses offered without coaching at a reduced rate

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#MBE Learning Academy

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90 Day Challenge

Starting at $49

Are you looking to make a change in your life? People who write down their goals and visualize success everyday have a 43% success rate of achieving their goal. The 90 Day Challenge covers goal-setting, visualization, overcoming limiting beliefs, and more! Enroll to achieve any goal in 90 days!

Purpose 101

Starting at $99

When you live into your purpose, you wake up happy and motivated to live the day.
For some, it can take a lifetime to realize their purpose - if at all. However, it doesn't need to take that long for you.
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Awareness 101

Starting at $99

Are you looking to improve your life situation but don’t know where to start or have seem to hit a wall? 
Becoming more self-aware will help you realize your strengths and areas of opportunities, and it will increase your capacity to grow.

The Resilience Advantage™

15% OFF!

This course focuses on sharing the science behind the physiological connection between the heart & brain, and techniques that empower people to take advantage of that connection to improve mental health, performance, well-being, and personal effectiveness.

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*Courses hosted on

I like that it's a choose-your-own adventure kind of experience. It made the course personalized to me.

Patrick D.

I really enjoyed the activities in the course. I learned a lot because I experienced it first hand.

Janet R.

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Coming Soon!

Coaching 101
Financial Wellness 101
Steps to Happiness 101
Law of Attraction 101
Purpose 201
Awareness 201

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Know Your Purpose!

Do you know what your purpose is? If not, you’re not alone. Knowing your purpose can take years of introspection, learning, and experience. However, we’ve created a course that helps you reflect, learn, and get experience with key skills that will help you know your purpose. Subscribe to the e-mail list and get it for FREE! ($99 Value)

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